Masts and Booms

We always carry comprehensive stock of the following:


Masts in both standard (SDM) and reduced (RDM) diameter including 370, 400, 430, 450, 460 and 490 lengths in 45% & 75% (SDM) and 60% & 100% (RDM) carbon content, starting from £145.00.

Booms in lengths 130-190, 160-220 and 180-240 starting from £105.00.


Standard (SDM) and reduced (RDM) diameter masts in 400 and 430 length in 30% (Red), 55% (Silver), 75% (Gold) and 100% (Platinum) carbon content, starting from £159.00 and generally some new/used masts on special offer.

We also stock the full range of North ‘Silver HD’ booms. This boom carries a full 2 year guarantee and is our most popular boom – you break it, we change it! Size ranges are 140-190, 150-200, 160-210, 180-230 and 200-250.

The smaller sizes (up to 160-210) have the North ‘new school’ front-end shape for added comfort and these smaller lengths also include a built-in mast collar system to accomadate RDM masts – no mast collars required.


Both the MCT26 (26mm diameter) and MCT29 (29mm diameter) available in 140-190, 150-200, 175-225 and 200-250 lengths. Additionally boom to mast fitting accommodates either standard (SDM) or reduced (RDM) diameter masts, so no mucking about with mast collars! Prices start at £149.00.

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