Every accessory associated with windsurfing always available and in stock.

Mastfeet and Mast Extensions

We have North (tendon) and Radz (rubber) mastfeet with Euro pin, North (Shox) mastfeet and Chinook (rubber) with American 2 pin system. Mast Extensions in both standard diameter (SDM) and reduced diameter (RDM). Chinook carbon and alloy extensions in various lengths and in both SDM & RDM sizing. North aluminium extensions available in SDM & RDM in standard pulley configuration. Also in stock are the various ‘XT’ versions which incorporate the now famous ratchet and lever easy downhaul system. And lastly, the North SHOX Extension in RDM version.

Harness Lines

North fixed length lines from 24″ up to 30″ length
ION adjustable lines 26″-34″


Always a good selection with the main supply available ‘Maui Fin Company‘ or just MFC!

Board Bags

We carry the full range of ION single board bags. These are fantastic quality bags at very affordable prices, ideal for day to day use either for roofrack loading or inside of cars/vans. All sizes in stock from £60.00-£70.00. In addition we have the famous Pat Love ‘One Shot’ bags which are great for general use or aeroplane travel. These bags are designed to hold a board, a boom, a couple of masts and 2-3 sails – all in one bag! And lastly, we also have the Flying Objects ‘Triple’ wave board bag. This bag only weighs 4kg and is fantastic for aeroplane travel where weight is always a problem.


Always a good selection of helmets from Pro-Tec and Gath in various sizes and colours.


4mm downhaul (2 metres) and outhaul (1 metre) from Marlow rope supplies, pre-cut and ready for use. Shockcord and Formuline also available.


Every other conceivable item associated with windsurfing including battens, nuts and bolts, DVD’s, gloves, anemometers, uphauls, magazines, pulley blocks, waterproof cases, keypad locks, clothes, buoyancy aids, impact vests, sunglasses and much much more!

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