Worthing Watersports are the area’s premier stockist for ‘sit-on-top’ kayaks.

Historically kayaking had always been a sport shunned by the masses due to safety issues and the need to be trained in self-rescue techniques etc. Well no more! With the advent of ‘sit-on-top’ kayaks, customers who have never been in a kayak in their lives before can now enjoy the joys of paddling. Sit-on-tops are generally blow moulded polyethylene boats with fairly flat (stable) bottoms and drainage holes (scuppers), so any water that does come into the boat is gone quickly. They are extremely tough and will easily handle the shingle beaches and waves in this South coast area, although most customers start by looking for hot and sunny, calm sea days to start with.

The Sussex coastline is an ideal area for kayaking and especially so between Shoreham and Littlehampton with the addition of the two rivers (Arun & Adur) to explore. Worthing Watersports are the area’s main stockists for TOOTEGA KAYAKS a British manufacturing company based in Norfolk and we will generally have at least 30 kayaks in stock (both singles and doubles) and all ready to go. Sit-on-top kayaking is a very simple sport/pastime and generally requires no instruction – we get several customers annually that have never been in a kayak before and go straight down to the beach and happily paddle off into the distance!

Worthing Watersports also carries a good stock of inflatable kayaks which are very useful where space is at a premium e.g. for holidays, beach huts, camper vans etc. The shop also carries a large selection of all the accessories associated with traditional kayaking and sit-on-tops including clothing, paddles, buoyancy devices, dry bags, trolleys etc., and if we do not have the more specialised items we can generally order them in.

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