Windsurfing Offer Boards

We stock a large number of quality demo, discounted and used boards.

For further information on our stock levels and for advice on what might suit your needs please pop into the shop or contact us.

The current offer boards that we have in stock are as follows:

MakeModelSize (litres)YearConditionWasNow
ExocetUsurf Wave762009Very Good£999£195
FanaticFreewave Ltd772010Very Good£1400£350
FanaticFreewave STB TE1052017New£1900£1450
FanaticFreewave STB TE952017New£1900£1450
FanaticFreewave STB TE952017Very Good ( small repair )£1900£1050
FanaticFreewave STB TE852017New£1900£1450
FanaticFreewave STB TE852017Very Good£1900£1100
FanaticFreewave STB Textreme1052017New£2200£1700
FanaticFreewave STB Textreme952017New£2200£1700
FanaticFreewave STB Textreme852017Very Good£2200£1350
FanaticGecko HRS1332016New£1100£889
FanaticGecko HRS1122016New£1100£889
FanaticNew Wave Twin TE792010Very Very Good£1400£350
RRDHardcore Wave Ltd812008Good£1000£299
RRDWave Cult Ltd932011Very Very Good£1350£549
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