SUP (Stand-Up-Paddleboarding)

What is SUP? Well put simply it is a big fat surfboard that you stand on and use a long handled paddle to propel yourself along.

SUP has been around for many years now and was historically part of the Hawaiian surf scene for most of the last century. It only became universally popular about 5 years ago and has since gone from strength to strength, increasing year by year in popularity as an alternative to normal surfing, kayaking and the like. It is a sport that can be practised both inland, on the sea and river SUP – now very popular both as a sport and a means of keeping fit for those who do not live local to the coastline.

SUP is definitely a sport that can be a relaxing pastime on a nice sunny warm day, but equally lots of customers who start that way then progress onto the more serious side of the sport including waves and/or long distance coastal cruising.

Worthing Watersports stock boards and accessories from STARBOARD, FANATIC and THE RED PADDLEBOARD COMPANY and always have a good stock of the popular sizes of boards with the more specialised models normally being ordered/delivered within a few days. Also becoming more and more popular are ‘inflatable’ paddleboards which pack down into quite a small rucksack type bag and come complete with high volume pumps – very popular for customers who want to take a paddle board abroad on holiday and/or have limited storage space.

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