Landsurf Kites and Boards

We always carry a good range of the following:


We stock FLEXIFOIL land kites and always have a good selection of their recreational RAM AIR kites. We also carry a good stock of BUZZ and BIG BUZZ kites which are ideal for all ages, Buzz for the kids (5-8 yrs) and Big Buzz for older kids and adults. These are an ideal entry into bigger kite flying, easy to use and very safe. The kites come with all the strings/bridles/handles already attached, so no mucking about. Just lay the kite out, unroll the lines and Flyyyyyyyyyy!

For either the more experienced kite flyer or someone looking for a little more power than the Buzz kites offer, we carry the STING and RAGE kites in stock. The Sting is a 4 line kite (sizes 1.2m, 1.7m, 2.4m and 3.3m) and comes complete with lines and handles – similar to the Buzz and an easy to use recreational kite. The Rage is also a 4 line kite (sizes 1.8m, 2.5m, 3.5m and 4.7m) and is the next step up and a good introduction to either land buggies/boards and kite flying on the water. The Rage can be flown with either handles or a bar and comes as a ‘kite only’ product and the flyer can customise the kite by adding different strength/length lines and decide whether to use with a bar (55cm or 65cm) or handles. All of these products are generally in stock including line/handle/bar sets.

Flexifoil have a vast range of TRACTION kites available including the BLURR, BLADE and STACKER systems etc. All these are available to order and generally take 2-3 days to obtain. Flexifoil also produce the HUNTER landboard which is an ideal entry level land board to use with kites and is generally always in stock.

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