Kitesurf Kites and Boards

We are the area’s main stockists for RRD and FLEXIFOIL


and always have a good selection of RRD kites in stock, mainly VISION’S and OBSESSION’S and kite boards, again mainly PLACEBO’S and POISON’S but the whole range of RRD products are readily available and as the importer is based here in Worthing, delivery can be almost instant and very often the same day. We always have the latest RRD GLOBAL BAR and line sets available and RRD accessories (i.e. ‘pumps’ etc.) are always in stock.

From Flexifoil we always keep their QUARK trainer kite in stock, for anybody wishing to get to grips with kitesurfing the Quark is an ideal tool for learning good kite flying before venturing onto the water, it is a ‘bridle’ kite (ram air) but comes complete with a kitesurf style bar and ‘chicken’ loop and allows you to fly the kite using a harness and hooked in – this gets the flyer familiar to being connected to the kite which is a fantastic aid prior to using the larger inflatable water kites.

Other Flexifoil products are also available to order – we concentrate more on their land based kites but they do have a large and comprehensive range of both water kites and boards and these are generally available within 2-3 days.

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